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A new sensory user experience is emerging. The brands that will win in this space seek to create a
, design a
and cultivate a relationship with the consumer.

We've helped some amazing companies create their first experiences with emerging technology

internet of things
augmented reality
virtual reality

Dan Murrell

iOS Architect
Dan is an iOS Architect at Mutual Mobile, technologist, and writer, with over 20 years experience as a developer and degrees in Communication, History, and Sociology, his perspective on the intersection of technology and communication means he is always asking how biological and digital beings will communicate with each other. His short fiction tackling this question, Gerald 1.0, was shortlisted at SXSW 2017.

Kathryn Morrison

Senior Client Director
Kathryn's background in ad technology and programmatic media has primed her for creating and directing breakthrough client solutions in the health and wellness space.

Thaddeus Ternes

Consulting Architect
Thaddeus is a software developer with a broad range of experiences, including developing user interfaces on OS X and iOS, building services and drivers for embedded Linux devices, and backend application development for high-volume message processing systems at the world's largest domain registrar.

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