Virtual Reality:


Anyone who’s ever slipped an Oculus Rift over their head knows that virtual reality is more than a science-fiction pipe dream. Sure, right now it seems like these space-aged headsets are only intended for gamers, but just wait until you see how these wearables are revolutionizing other industries.

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Augmented Reality:

Creating a
View of the World

Somewhere between the real world and virtual reality lies an enhanced environment, made more tangible through the inclusion of computer-generated sensory experiences. We’ve entered a new dimension of reality and engagement.

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Chatbots & Voice:

How these technologies are Changing the

As the popularity of voice-based personal assistants like Alexa, the Google Assistant, and Siri continues to grow, a conversational strategy is becoming a more important part of a successful User Experience ecosystem. Chatbots and Voice technology are quickly becoming additive technologies meant to enhance the user experience rather than replace more traditional techniques.

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The Internet of Things:

Making IoT work for

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. From our homes, to our bodies, to our cars — the lines between digital and physical are blurring. As objects become smarter, it’s possible to unlock the potential of entirely new products and services. IoT is not about things. It’s about finding new ways to delight customers and create new sources of revenue.

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