Uncovering real value in the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us. From our homes, to our bodies, to our cars — the lines between digital and physical are blurring. As objects become smarter, it’s possible to unlock the potential of entirely new products and services. IoT is not about things. It’s about finding new ways to delight customers and create new sources of revenue.

Here’s a few examples. Contact us to learn more.

Elevating Your Home
Today’s smart home is a jumble of different hardware and apps. We wanted a simple universal remote control for the home. We created Beam to make that a reality.
BSX Athletics
Evolving Health & Fitness
Athletes rely on a crucial set of metrics to improve their performance. We partnered with BSX Athletics to move their revolutionary tracking wearable forward.
Driving Car Tech Forward
The success of Uber started a new era of mobility that is redefining how people get from A to B. We worked together with FlexDrive to build a bold new subscription-based alternative to car ownership.
Our work is powered by big ideas.
IoT Connected World White Paper
Our five-step guide to effectively implementing the Internet of Things into your business.
Internet of Things Trend Report
New connected devices are coming faster than ever. Are you ready to make the most of them?
Connecting The IoT And Your C—Suite
Learn how to bring the IoT and your C-suite together and win executive buy-in for your connected device strategy in one blog post.

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