When companies approach us to develop their mobile roadmaps, few have considered the strengths and weaknesses of every front-end solution type. For instance, can an HTML5-based web app handle their needs at a smaller investment? Could a hybrid app expand their user base? And is it possible for a native app stay relevant across changing campaigns?

When determining the front-end approach for a particular app, we base our decision on 11 criteria. Some aspects, like the need for augmented reality, make it easy to determine the solution type. But it will not always be that simple.

The truth is, every mobile solution is different, because every mobile objective is different. That’s why we only deliver custom applications, and why it’s important to carefully evaluate your mobile needs at every stage of your larger product roadmap.

We developed this flowchart to introduce the strengths of each approach and educate your decision-making process. After exploring several routes, familiarize yourself with each solution type through our video and slide deck.

11 Criteria for Selecting the Right Front-End Solution

Please note that this flowchart is not a definitive tool, but a guide to help you start thinking about the many approaches to mobile. It cannot account for the many intricacies that should be considered for every project.