5 Sure Steps for a Successful Mobile Strategy

Over the last several years of helping companies leverage mobility to both benefit customers and further their business goals, we’ve learned a few things – five things, to be precise.

These are the five steps we’ve found to be essential to creating a mobile strategy that will enable you to successfully deliver exactly what your customers want and what your business needs.

1. Remember: technology ≠ strategy

Too many companies today let technology – instead of strategy – drive their mobile investments. They see a new mobile technology and start looking for a way to apply it, rather than the other way around. In our experience, the key to benefiting from mobility is first identifying customer needs, and then identifying the mobile technology to address them. Case in point: Innovative financial institutions saw that customers were frustrated by having to go to the bank to deposit checks, and identified the technology to enable mobile check deposit.

2. Listen to users

Data can tell you a lot about what customers are doing with their mobile devices, but you have to dig deeper to find out why they do what they do – and figure out how to respond to it. We had a retail client who saw from the data that customers were abandoning their mobile carts mid-experience. But it turned out to be for different reasons than they thought. Customers were using their shopping cart as a wish list, and they’d make their purchases in-store. Then the company was able to move toward the right mobile solution to better enable customers’ multi-device journey.

3. Be nimble

The mobile landscape today is changing constantly; that’s why the traditional long-game approach to strategy just doesn’t work anymore. You have to rely on a more agile approach, where you take a shorter-term view that foregoes the big releases in favor of small, iterative cycles. We work with clients to quickly identify mobile opportunities, prioritize them based on alignment with business goals and act on them – and then be ready to instantly shift to a completely different direction.

4. Choose your battles

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. That’s a rule of thumb that applies in many endeavors, and mobility is no exception. We work with clients to evaluate the range of opportunities in mobile that are available to them based on 1) the value to the customer and 2) the value to the business. Then we measure that value against the ability to execute, and we use that information to establish priorities for what to do now and what to think about down the road.

5. Stop debating, start doing

It’s easy to succumb to “analysis paralysis” as you navigate through the complex and constantly evolving world of mobile. But as long as you’re spending more time trying to figure out what to do than actually doing it, you’ll never win. Everything is changing too fast to afford you that luxury. We typically take clients through a quick three-step plan – investigate, formulate and activate – that lets them develop an informed strategy quickly and act on it immediately.

Whatever your industry, whatever size your business, these five steps will move you toward a mobile strategy that really pays off for your customers and your business.

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