Android Wear Design Overview [Infographic]

Android Wear devices come in all shapes and sizes, and now–with a little help from the Apple Watch bump–more users and hardware manufacturers are beginning to enter the market. If you’re one of the skeptics who have been holding off on making your apps smartwatch compatible, it’s time to put your fingers to your keyboard and start porting your programs to everyone’s wrists ASAP. To get you started, we’ve created this beautifully brilliant Android Wear design infographic (a lovely addition to any workspace) and some super helpful pro tips. Print it, read it and hop to it!


Android Wear Pro Tips

  • Your watch app should match the user’s time settings
  • Wear devices have less battery power than phones, so consume responsibly
  • Watch out for the “flat tire” when designing for Moto 360 and other circular faces
  • Customize screen-on time according to how long your app needs it
  • Use NotificationCompat WearableExtender to make your phone app notifications work for wear


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