Apple Watch Design Overview [Infographic]

2001 gave birth to the iPod. 2007 spawned the iPhone. And in 2010, the iPad fell into our laps. With the Apple Watch finally getting a price tag, today’s keynote marks a big day for Apple and an even bigger day for us iOS designers and developers (sort of). With each new product release comes an entirely new set of challenges. For the Watch, it seems the biggest obstacle for software creators will be understanding just what the device is capable of. To get you started, we put together a beautifully simplistic infographic and some helpful pro tips. Now get designing!

The infographic you’ve been waiting for

Apple Watch Design Overview

Apple Watch Pro Tips

  • There’s a setting to let the user select what is shown on wrist-raise: the watch face or the previously used app.
  • Glances are only accessible from the watch face. If you do select previously used app for wrist raise, your glances will be much less accessible. You’ll have to hit the home button, select the clock app, and then swipe up.
  • Apple Watch has a notification center. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access any notifications you may have missed.
  • Double tapping the home button in an app will take you to the previously used app. Double tapping again will bring your forward to the app you were just in. Double tapping the home button on the home screen will take you to the clock app, regardless of which app you used previously.
  • Worried about your watch battery? There’s a complication you can add to the watch face, and there’s also a glance dedicated to battery.
  • Another new glance is similar to control center allows you to put the watch into Do Not Disturb, Mute any sounds, Activate Airplane Mode. Another handy feature will cause the paired phone to emit a distress signal, for the next time you’ve lost it in the couch.
  • You can only get notifications while you’re wearing the watch. Otherwise they only go to your phone.


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