Beacons Signal Big Changes

Could beacons help us better engage with our surroundings in this ever-connected world? These discrete Bluetooth Low Energy transmitters have seen some promising traction in retail, but there are many other meaningful use cases getting overlooked.

Join us for this issue of the Mutual Mobile Roundup, where we recap the 11 prototypes that emerged from our Beacons Hackathon, take an in-depth look at our Beacons Trend Report and discuss a number of other reasons why this tiny technology will make a mighty impact on the future.

Monthly Spotlight

Mutual Mobile Turns 5!

Mutual Mobile is turning FIVE, and we’ve commemorated this milestone with a video that captures a half-decade of progress in just over a minute. From a dorm room at the University of Texas to our global offices, this tribute gives you a peek into our past and a glimpse into our future, which soon includes a stellar b-day bash.

Featured Client Creates Smarter Shoppers came to us with a vision to help people feel confident in their car buying decisions. We built a tailored iPad experience that understands users’ needs and guides them to the perfect vehicle. Designed with users in mind, this seamless tool is the new automotive marketplace. Get it in the App Store.


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