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Birthday Memories: Naming the Company “Mutual Mobile”

Mutual Mobile
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May 2, 2014

Five years ago, John Arrow did what many founders do when trying to name their new endeavor: he sat down at a computer, pulled up, and started thinking about words that represent the company he and his team were building. That’s when it hit him, “Mutual Mobile.” It was available, he dug the alliteration, and the rest is history.

But what made him think of Mutual Mobile in the first place?

“While the iPhone was cool and new at the time, very few people could develop for it,” Arrow recalls. “We realized pretty quickly that bringing people—the best people—together on teams was the key to building a strong foundation for the future of our company. ‘Mutual’ felt right in that sense. We wanted to create an environment for our employees where they could do their best work and feel a part of something bigger.”

Co-founder and co-CEO, Mickey Ristroph, elaborated on the etymology of Mutual Mobile. “The spirit of the name is about the types of people we want to bring together under one umbrella; those with different backgrounds and different design and engineering bents, but all with a love of building things together that none of us could create individually,” added Ristroph. “That includes both our team and our clients. We have been lucky to work with fascinating people over the last five years and create transformational products. That’s the definition of Mutual Mobile to me.”

Although “Mutual” is the more abstract half of the company moniker, the meaning behind “Mobile” goes deeper than smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

“We approach our work from a perspective of what does the user need, where are they when they need it, and how can we deliver it to them as fastest and efficiently as possible,” explains co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Sam Gaddis. “That’s one step beyond ‘what is the client trying to accomplish’ and way beyond ‘we need to build an iPhone app.’ We’re passionate about building software that has an impact on people’s lives today and several years down the road. That’s true mobility, and that’s why it’s exciting to come to work every morning.”

Since being introduced five years ago, the name Mutual Mobile has graced the virtual and printed pages of Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Economist, Mashable and many other illustrious publications that would make any founder or employee proud by association. Although the memorable name deserves some of the credit, none of those PR victories would be possible without the award-winning, forward-thinking and dedicated teams of Mutual Mobile.