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Google Glass Simulator: Let’s Skip the 1.0 Apps

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May 15, 2013

Google Glasses Simulator

The beginning of game-changing technologies are almost always marked by triviality before transformation. The countless Glass app ideas discussed to date only scratch the surface of what can be done with this technology, reminiscent of computers being initially perceived as slide rules or iPhones as portable gaming consoles. How can we inspire the community to skip past “1.0 ideas” and dive into exploring how Glass can meaningfully improve our lives?

Removing Layers Between Humans and Computers

Over the last few years, the touch interface revolution has inspired the simplification of how people interact with devices. By obviating the need for a pointing device, the touch interface makes software easier to understand and use. People spend less time learning the software and more time using it.

Google Glass takes this idea one step further, and who knows what’ll happen when we remove another layer. What transformation can we expect when users can access the same technology they’ve always been using, but while simultaneously doing something important with both hands?

Rapid Prototyping Glass Apps with

The simplicity of the Glass interface has a distinct advantage – apps are incredibly easy to dream up and visualize. However, not all of us have $1,500 to acquire Glass and design software to mock-up ideas.

To address these challenge and spark dialogue about meaningful use cases for this technology, we built It’s a free prototyping tool intended for brainstorming and sharing ideas (rather than for designing production interfaces). Anyone can use the tool to mock-up a field-of-view from the perspective of someone wearing Google Glass.

Without a doubt, we anticipate some ideas generated by this prototyping tool will include funny or rudimentary concepts. We’re more interested in those ideas that explore ways Glass could help save lives or truly transform the way we do important things – things like landing planes safely or keeping drunk drivers off the road.

Have feedback on GlassSim as a tool? Let us know what you think.