iOS 10 Preparedness Checklist

Get ready for iOS 10! The Mutual Mobile QA team has put together a great checklist to help development teams be prepared for this major release along with other imminent Apple requirements. Avoid the potential pitfalls and setbacks that could make your app anything less than a “10”.

  • Compile with XCode. Confirm your app compiles with XCode 8 beta and iOS 10. If you can’t build it, they won’t come.
  • Upgrade, crash, fail. Be sure your app does not crash after upgrading to iOS 10. A significant number of apps crash upon launch after a major OS upgrade. This is a worse-case scenario, is reported frequently, and quickly makes it to app reviews.
  • Logged in after upgrade. Be sure your app remains logged in and still remembers the login credentials after upgrading to iOS 10. Customer attrition is introduced by signing them out.
  • Test. Test. Test. Verify your app works with iOS 10. It is critical that your app is tested ahead of the iOS 10 release and will work on launch day. Upgrade to the latest iOS 10 beta and run regression and automation suites. Crashes, major functionality failures, and blocking bugs have already been found during our tests. Identify the potential issues early and notify your team.
  • Don’t forget about watchOS! watchOS 3.0 changes and performance improvements for apps in the dock have potential to break your existing watch app. Retest your Watch apps to ensure a smooth transition.
  • S is for “Secure”. Application Transport Security will require HTTPS for web APIs by end of 2016. Check your API’s and 3rd party libraries. Failure to comply could result in your App Store submission to be rejected.
  • IPV6 Support. Apple will begin to require all submissions to the App Store to be compatible with IPV6-only standards. Don’t miss this, get rejected, and delay your release.
  • Look forward. Review the new capabilities of iOS 10 to see how the new integrations (Maps, Siri, Messages, Apple Pay, Home, CallKit) could apply to your app. Get ahead on the discussion of features for your next release.

Having any type of mobile application takes constant monitoring and optimization. Our company enjoys this maybe more than we should, and hope that this quick list can make your upcoming development for iOS10 that much easier.


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