Mobile Minute: How to Get Your Apps Ready for iOS 7

Apple’s ushering in a design overhaul, and it’s expected to get adopted fast. Skeuomorphic design—such as leather stitching and paper textures replicated in the user interface—will no longer be what makes an app stand out. Instead, the UI will have to step out of the way and let content come first.

What else should you know?

Make the app functional first. If it’s not, fix what is broken so it works for the new OS.

Make the app feel at home. If it uses heavy gradients and buttons, that’s going to feel out of place.

Ask yourself: Does it make use of motion, translucency, or engaging transitions? And take note of new features, such as Dynamic Type to change app text size. Take a look at Twitterific—an iOS app that’s already optimized around content. Or Yahoo’s Weather app, which embraces minimal design.

Other apps that are just as quick to adopt those design principles are sure to gain buzz at the upcoming launch.


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