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Mobile Minute: How Wearables Are Changing Healthcare (Refreshed)

Mutual Mobile
July 19, 2017

The Mutual Mobile team attended this year’s Wearable Technologies Conference, where we saw the latest innovations. What got us most excited for their potential? Wearables in healthcare.

Designed for the individual, these custom products are all about tracking your own data, and using tech as your health advocate.

What should you know about the future of healthcare?

We’ll have swallowable sensors in our medication that tell us how our bodies react.

We’ll wear sensor belts, like Lumo Back, which tracks sleep movement and posture. We’ll also use smart bandages, like Thimble, that send electric currents to chronic pain spots. We’ll even use 3-D printing to build prosthetics, like Tanya Vlach who, after an accident, used Kickstarter to design a new eye.

This field of digital health means endless marketing and partnership opportunities for smart brands. Bayer’s already playing the wearable space, using haptic technology for body feedback. Even FitBit integrates with the app Macaw to give it a healthcare spin.

Those in the fitness, healthcare and insurance should look for opportunities as smaller, cheaper technology means more everyday products can integrate with people’s mobile devices.

Thanks to wearables and smartphones, I’m hoping we’ll see a healthier future.