Mobile Minute: Next Gen Retail

From personalized recommendations, to loyalty points and promotions — mobile empowers shoppers. How do both stores and shoppers benefit?

Google finds that 53% of shoppers use their smartphone in-store to make price comparisons. 90% use their phone for pre-shopping research.

For shoppers — mobile means better customer service. Now a salesperson’s tablet can be alerted when a top customer is in-store, in order to customize their shopping experience.

For brands — all this review-checking and price-shopping makes buyers spend more. Frequent mobile users actually end up buying 25% – 50% more in-store. All this points to the fact that businesses should embrace the smartphone shopper.

Say Foursquare sends a promo in your city’s peak allergy season while you shop at Walgreens. Or Aveda uses Passbook to send styling videos before your next salon appointment. Or Hallmark knows it’s your mom’s birthday, and invites you to their kiosk with a personal gift recommendation.

The next generation shopper is informed, and holding brand loyalty right in their hands.


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