Mutual Mobile at SXSW 2014: Help Us Speak!

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It’s that time of year again, when SXSW puts the power in your hands — when you get to vote on which proposals make next year’s program.

We’re proposing panels on today’s hottest mobile topics: from strategy, research, design, development, business and even wearable technology. Get the details on all our panels below. You won’t want to miss a single one – so vote for them all!

Voting ends September 6th, so don’t wait.

Creating Successful Mobile Strategies

Learn to identify what you really want to achieve with mobile projects and understand how to get there, in our mobile strategy panels. Put Your Mobile Strategy on a Diet dives into lean mobile strategy, showing you how to identify and prioritize mobile investments. Why Technology Does Not Equal Mobile Strategy explains how to bring users and business – not just technology – into the equation to get better results. It’s About Your Client’s Customers, Stupid! looks at how to keep focused on what end users need and want.

Gaining New Insights into Users

Get practical guidance on how to implement user research to your best advantage in today’s brave new mobile world. How Mobile is Changing the Research Universe covers the ways smartphones have transformed user data collection, including complex legal and ownership issues. Skinny Research: Keeping User Research Lean & Mean tackles the challenge of how to do effective user research when you’ve only got a limited budget.

Taking a Fresh Look at Design

Keep up with the blistering-fast pace of change in mobile design with sessions on the latest techniques and trends. Design and Engineering Sitting in a Tree shows how teams of designers and engineers can work together to be more productive. iOS7: The Thinking Man’s OS explores how changes in operating systems are impacting the future of design in mobile. The Triplets of OSville looks at the trend toward a more homogenized look across devices running the three top OSs.

Tracking Trends in Development

Find out everything you need to know about the latest opportunities and challenges for today’s mobile developers. Engines of Ingenuity: Mobile Meets Vehicle Technology looks at mobile’s potential to revolutionize driving, including the challenge of creating a unified mobile experience for drivers. Android Will Eat Your Children’s Children focuses on the ins and outs of creating, growing, and maturing an Android team, and applying a new philosophy to dramatically enhance app quality. A Dude and His Prototype Philosophy: A Love Story defines the practice of prototyping and outlines a successful approach from vetting to production. Taking the Responsive Web to Windows 8 explains why more and more developers are taking a serious look at using Internet Explorer to build great experiences for Windows 8 devices.

Taking Care of Business

Take a look at mobile from a business perspective, and get a whole new view of what it’s all about. Mobile Partnerships: What You Need to Know brings together mobile technology, services and marketing pros to share best practices for working with mobile partners. No One Cares About Your Start-Up (Yet) provides brass-tacks tips and advice on getting the word out about your business in a big way, through content marketing. Technology Overload: Time to Detox explains how to unplug and maintain the right work-life balance in today’s always-connected world.

Wearables, Emerging Technology, and Building a Better World

See the tremendous power of mobile to change the world for the better, in use cases from healthcare to education. Glass: Game Changer for People with Disabilities envisions the possibilities for Google Glass to improve the lives of people with disabilities or special needs. You Can Use Your Glass for Good or… shows how Google Glass can help people with life-and-death responsibilities – from surgeons to soldiers – do their jobs better. Using Technology to Power an Education Revolution discusses Pearson Education’s iPad-based iLit program and how it’s dramatically impacting student learning (also vote for this proposal for SXSWedu here).

Go to SXSW PanelPicker to vote for these Mutual Mobile panel picks today. See you in March!


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