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Mutual Mobile Led Q2 Tech Hiring in Austin

Mutual Mobile
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August 15, 2011

Despite growing national concerns over a shortage of mobile technology talent, Mutual Mobile today announced the addition of 70 new hires in the second quarter. In response to increasing demand for best-of-breed mobile applications, the nation’s largest mobile strategy and development firm is expanding their team of experts to provide enterprise clients with a holistic approach to mobile.

Mutual Mobile’s ability to understand disruptive emerging technologies positioned them as an early leader in the mobile applications space. However, the company attributes their current hiring success to providing an entrepreneurial work environment conducive to creativity and innovation. This mentality has attracted brands like Google, Audi, Cisco and Dell to engage Mutual Mobile as their mobile strategy partner.

“When we founded the company, we declared a mission to bring all of the best mobile talent under one roof to help enterprises successfully navigate the churning waters of mobile,” said Mutual Mobile CEO John Arrow. “Our ability to attract and retain the best minds in mobile is the main reason clients choose to work with us.”

Founded in 2009, Mutual Mobile retains its start-up culture and unique perks that have enabled the company to attract top-tier talent from around the world. Competitive innovation is cultivated through regular ‘hack-a-thons’ and ‘technology demo-days’ where employees flex their creative muscles and showcase emerging technologies that have potential to influence enterprise functionality. Instead of grouping like work functions together and limiting knowledge transfer, Mutual Mobile provides cross-functional team structures that allow developers and designers to work alongside each other to share domain expertise and perspective.

“Beyond perks and training, our employees thrive on the importance of the work that is being done here,” said Chief Operating Officer Tarun Nimmagadda. “Mobile is poised to change our lives forever and Mutual Mobile is at the forefront of ushering in that future. That has positioned us as one of the largest tech employers in Austin and one of the fastest growing bootstrapped companies in this industry.”

Mutual Mobile, Inc. has grown to more than 150 employees worldwide with plans to aggressively expand further through the end of the year. In a highly competitive hiring environment where most companies struggle to add single digit hires to their mobile departments, Mutual Mobile now has one of the largest teams of mobile developers in the country.


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Mutual Mobile is an emerging technology company that works with brands to push the boundaries of innovation while ensuring the creation of valuable experiences for people. The company combines deep design, development and domain expertise to create custom solutions that help brands solve tough problems through innovation. For more information, visit