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Mutual Mobile releases LaunchPad

Mutual Mobile
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February 16, 2010

Mutual Mobile today announced the first commercial availability of LaunchPad, an integrated software testing and deployment platform that reduces the risk and friction in developing mobile enterprise applications. Fortune 500 corporations have already been beta-testing LaunchPad to deploy mobile business applications faster and more securely.

Rapidly evolving device environments, longer testing and approval cycles coupled with security and management concerns are just a few of the challenges that have limited development and deployment of mobile business applications at scale. LaunchPad provides corporate IT organizations with an integrated, cross-platform approach to business app development, distribution, QA, and management. In addition, LaunchPad gives employees an easy way to find, download and use mobile business applications via the Enterprise App Catalog.

“Agile development, access control, automated updates, and enterprise-level security are essential for the success of internal mobile business applications,” said Mickey Ristroph, Mutual Mobile chief technology officer. “LaunchPad provides IT organizations a platform to deliver mobile apps in a consistent and structured way. LaunchPad will do for businesses what the public app stores did for consumers.”

LaunchPad addresses the full life-cycle of mobile software application development. It monitors version-control systems, builds new versions of apps and deploys them over the air to various internal stakeholders. It also gathers feedback using an integrated defect reporting tool. The web-based administration platform allows developers to access issues reported across the organization and allows administrators to manage access control.

LaunchPad has already shown it is capable of reducing testing, approval and deployment cycles by up to 70 percent. It has enabled companies to introduce cross-functional distributed teams into the application life-cycle and bring apps to production faster without compromising quality or usability. With support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, LaunchPad overcomes the hurdles that organizations face in developing and deploying mobile apps across increasingly diverse mobile devices.

As one of the leading mobile systems integrators, Mutual Mobile ensures LaunchPad can be integrated and customized for a variety of complex IT environments and existing infrastructures. Current Mutual Mobile LaunchPad customers include Fortune 500 companies, such as Google and SMEs like Greenway Medical and Beatport. This month marks the first time LaunchPad is being made available broadly to enterprises of all sizes. Until the end of February, Mutual Mobile will be offering 45-day free trials of LaunchPad for qualifying companies. For more information, or to start a free trial contact Mutual Mobile at +1 (800) 208-8563 or visit


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