Mutual Mobile Releases Otter Into the Wild

Web App Helps Brands Visualize iOS Ratings and Reviews

Emerging tech software company Mutual Mobile knows brands agonize over user ratings and reviews in the App Store. Mutual Mobile created a simple visual tool – think word cloud with a twist – to help them quickly sift through feedback. Dubbed Otter, the web app gives brands user, competitive and market insight with the click of a button.

“We help brands build software that is useful and useable; however, we recognize it can be cumbersome to get through the ratings and reviews within an app store, and then use that information to help make your product better. So we built Otter,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, CEO, Mutual Mobile.

Otter was created by Mutual Mobile to help the team efficiently obtain user insights on iOS applications it built. Upon finalizing release 1.0 of the tool, the company realized the broader community would benefit from quickly gaining access to app review data and filter results so it decided to provide the app for free to brands, agencies, and entrepreneurs – anyone who wants to know how their app is performing.

Using a variation of the familiar word cloud, Otter analyzes an iOS app’s in-store reviews to create a visual feedback tool for users. Bubbles within the cloud vary in color based on how good (5/5 stars) or bad (0/5 stars) the app is reviewed, and change size depending on how often the specific word is utilized across all reviews. Users can select a particular bubble to filter reviews by keyword, allowing a more in-depth analysis of individual reviews. Other features in Otter include search, social sharing, and exploration of the top 50 iOS applications.

Access Mutual Mobile’s Otter for free at

About Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile is an emerging technology company that works with brands to push the boundaries of innovation while ensuring the creation of valuable experiences for people. The company combines deep design, development and domain expertise to create custom solutions that help brands solve tough problems through innovation. For more information, visit


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