Operation Sales: How to Arm your Team with Tablets

On July 23rd, Mutual Mobile and MobileIron hosted a free and informative webinar about making your salesforce leaner and meaner through mobile technology. Luckily for you, we recorded it.

What you’ll learn

  • Why mobile sales enablement is important
  • How tablet sales tools can boost team effectiveness
  • Common deployment challenges
  • Mobile sales success stories

Meet your speakers

Sam Gaddis – Chief Marketing Officer, Mutual Mobile

Sam is the master and commander of Mutual Mobile’s marketing efforts. He’s been in the war room for every mobile sales tool that’s passed through our doors, and he knows what it takes to infiltrate every territory from the automobile industry to the education system.

John Spencer – Director of Business Development
, MobileIron

John is a data security specialist who’s meticulously studied the art of keeping corporate information protected. He and the MobileIron squadron supply their clients with some of the safest mobile solutions on the market.

How do I get in?

Access the video here.


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