Sales Success: The Proof Is In The Numbers

Proof is in the numbers

From regional retailers to the Fortune 100, more and more companies are testing the waters of mobile sales tools. Whether they’re guiding customers through virtual product tours on a tablet or managing their entire inventory from a smartphone, businesses are diving head first into this tidal wave of ingenuity and profitability.

Not buying the hype? Here are four success stories that are sure to silence non-believers and instill confidence in early adopters.

Like Jon Hamm said in the latest American Airlines commercial, change is in the air. But he wasn’t just referring to their new logo or US Airways merger. American Airlines is switching their flight manuals from a hefty 35-pound stack of paper to a 1.5-pound iPad. This technological advancement will save over $1.2 million a year through increased fuel efficiency and decreased printing needs.

Back on the ground, Audi is rerouting reams of printed sales materials to tablets. This cutting-edge car manufacturer revved up their showroom by creating a virtual test drive for their flagship sedan, the A8. What did they get in return? A 378% sales increase.

From transportation to hospitality, the super swanky Mondrian SOHO hotel placed iPads with digitized menus in every one of their 270 rooms, increasing sales by 15-20%. Paying $20 for French toast has never been so easy, physically speaking.

And for those of you in the fashion industry, take a page out of J.Hilburn’s look book. These tech-savvy tailors used their custom tablet sales tool, Style Kit, to increase their average order size by 67%. That’s a lot of pocket squares.

So there you have it, four completely different companies that have all benefitted from the customizable magic of tablet sales tools. Are you starting to see how these commercial innovations can boost your revenues? Read these helpful resources for more facts, figures and infographics. Then, contact one of our mobile experts today to get the ball rolling on your game changing mobile tool.


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