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Prototype Your Own Google Glass App With This Tool

Mutual Mobile
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May 16, 2013

Think you have the perfect idea of a Google Glass app, but don’t have the high-tech specs (or perhaps the technical expertise) to make it happen? Now you can create your own Glass apps without having Glass or any coding experience. Well, sort of.

Glass Sim is a prototyping tool for Google Glass that lets you create a quick visualization of what the app of your dreams might look like if it ever became a reality.

“The countless Glass app ideas are just scratching the surface of what can be done with this technology and the myriad similar form factors that are inevitably on the way,” says Sam Gaddis, co-founder of Mutual Mobile, the creator of the simulator.

“The simplicity of the Glass interface has a distinct advantage — apps are incredibly easy to dream up and visualize. However, not all of us have $1,500 to acquire Glass and design software to mock-up ideas,” he says.

The simulator uses actual templates for Google Glass, so you’re able to construct a pretty accurate representation of what you could create with Google’s Mirror API. You can add text and photos to cards, as well as upload a background image to represent what the Glass user might see in the real world while using your app.

“Without a doubt, we anticipate some ideas generated by this prototyping tool will include funny or rudimentary concepts,” says Gaddis. “We’re more interested in those ideas that explore ways Glass could help save lives or truly transform the way we do important things.”

You can use Glass Sim to create your own apps now. Interested in what others have created? The site also has a concept gallery where you can share your final creation with the masses, and take a look at others creations.

Try it out for yourself, and tell us about what you make in the comments.