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Russ Buyse named Chief Operating Officer

Mutual Mobile
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April 9, 2015

Mutual Mobile, an emerging tech agency that builds breakthrough products for a more connected world, has announced Russ Buyse as Chief Operating Officer.

Buyse plays an instrumental role in establishing Mutual Mobile’s high standard for quality services and products. With his work in developing the agency’s primary consumer insight practice and integrating research and analytics into agile delivery, Buyse has optimized the company’s processes for cross-channel collaboration and delivery. Buyse is committed to further integrating the company’s delivery organization to create innovative products and shape business strategy.

“Russ has an innate understanding of the need for interdisciplinary collaboration when building breakthrough products for clients and enabling the best user experiences,” said Mickey Ristroph, Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer. “His strong leadership skills and operations know-how positions him to build and support even stronger cross-functional teams across the many different integrated practice areas of our company.”

With Buyse’s deep technical knowledge and ability to create engaging product experiences, Mutual Mobile is in the position to build massively complex software while delivering value and benefits to its clients and end users. Prior to joining Mutual Mobile, Buyse co-founded two companies and held an executive level role at six others, including Vice President of Products for ReachForce, COO and Vice President of R&D at Pearson/National Transcript Center, and Director of Engineering at PerformanceRetail, Inc.

“I am thrilled to move into this role at Mutual Mobile and play a larger part in our company’s mission to drive innovation,” said Buyse. “I look forward to building top-performing teams and creating a collaborative and innovative work environment across the various areas of our organization to advance and achieve our business goals and those of our clients.”

In his role as COO, Buyse will provide leadership for the consolidated delivery organization. He will be responsible for fostering cross-functional teams consisting of project managers, consumer insight analysts, designers and engineers to combine their individual talents and apply them towards the creation of innovative experiences.