See the most common words used in any App Store review with this neat visualizer

While it’s not exactly something you’d call a consumer product, Otter App Ratings Visualizer from Mutual Mobile isn’t meant to be. But this neat little Web app could still give reporters, marketers and developers some interesting insights into reviews on the App Store.

Otter was created initially as in internal tool to garner insights around iOS apps it built itself. But Mutual Mobile soon realized it may have a broader appeal, and launched it to the public – though it technically remains a beta product for now.

How it works

Simply enter the name of an app into the search box at the top, hit ‘search’, and you’ll see a large bubble cloud with the most commonly-used words from the reviews. Positive words are green, negative are red, and words used most often are larger.

Otter App Ratings Visualizer

You can also click on each word, and filter down into the actual reviews that contain that specific descriptive, as you can see here with the word ‘can’t’:

Otter App Ratings Visualizer

While the tool is a great concept, it really needs to filter out the many, many redundant words in there – such as ‘see’, ‘if’, ‘get’, ‘just’ and all the rest. These just clog things up and bring very little value to proceedings – it would be great if it could focus more on adjectives, though not necessarily exclusively.

At any rate, it’s a neat little tool with a lot of potential. You can check out the iOS app version now, and we’re told that the developers will be rolling out one specifically for Android apps shortly.

Otter | iOS User Feedback Visualizer


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