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On June 25th, you’ll get a rare chance to learn about the true potential of Google Glass and other wearables at a free webinar conducted by industry experts.

See past the hype

  • Hear the latest consumer opinions about wearables from Forrester Research, Inc.
  • Get information to help decide if wearable apps are right for your business
  • Find inspiration in use cases collected by Mutual Mobile

Learn from the experts

Sarah Rotman Epps – Senior Analyst, Forrester
As a Forrester Senior Analyst serving marketing leadership professionals, Sarah studies the evolution of personal computing: how devices are changing, the new consumer behaviors they produce and the industries they disrupt.

Sam Gaddis – Chief Marketing Officer, Mutual Mobile
Being Mutual Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer has given Sam a keen understanding of where mobile works and, more importantly, where it often doesn’t. He’s guided go-to-market strategy for dozens of Fortune 500 brands.

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Watch a free replay of this webinar that took place on June 25, 2013.


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