Tech Table: Apple Watch

Tech Table

After biting their tongues for months, our panelists finally feel it’s time to dedicate an entire episode to the Apple Watch. We know the prices, we’ve heard the tech specs, we’ve made a Design Overview Infographic and we’re in the process of creating smartwatch apps. Tune in to hear what our panelists have learned while developing for this fledgling technology.


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Show Notes

02:05 – WatchKit

  • What do we need to know?
  • What can we do, today?
  • What are glances?

08:30 – What can smartwatches do that phones can’t?

  • Biometric sensors
  • Complications

10:54 – Rich Notifications?

  • Looks so good
  • What can you do with them?
  • Design limitations
  • Walkthrough
  • When to avoid notifications

16:30 – Building rich notifications

  • Stay organized
  • Know the layouts
  • How does Android do it?

19:28 – Actions

  • Limit opening app in phone
  • Utilize Handoff

22:36 – Apps vs. rich notifications

  • Convenience
  • Proactive vs. Reactive
  • Context
  • Messaging apps

28:10 – How do we sell this to clients?

  • 5 to 7 sec actions
  • Uber App
  • All about use cases

31:07 – MMWormhole

34:57 – Back(ground) in black

  • OLED display
  • More battery
  • Looks better
  • Bezel
  • How to stand out?

38:28 – Are consumers ready?

  • Selling the value
  • Apple evangelists
  • Snowball effect
  • Apple Watch attrition
  • 3rd party development is crucial

43:43 – Where’s the Wear support?

  • Information overload
  • Backporting
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Lack of examples
  • Native apps for Wear

52:52 – What’s next for Apple Watch?

  • Native SDK
  • Force Touch
  • Testing on actual device

56:28 – Android Wear roadmap

  • Android Pay
  • Better watch face support
  • Helpful heads up

58:20 – Fashion passion

  • What will you wear?

Tech Table is where we throw Android, iOS, and Web experts into a room and lock the doors until we’ve recorded a rigorous discussion about the latest and greatest technological innovations. If you’re looking for passionate discourses regarding smartphones, wearables, and emerging tech that hasn’t even been conceived yet, take a seat and listen to our panelists verbally duke it out in hi-fi sound.

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