Tech Table: Automotive

Tech Table

Since Ford invented the Model T, people have been obsessed with cars. Our panelists are no exception. To make things a little more interesting, we’ve invited Chief Experience Officer at Cobb Tuning Ian Armstrong into the discussion. They’ll talk CarPlay, Android Auto, autonomous vehicles, and satisfying your need for speed in the 21st century. Buckle up.


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Show Notes

00:40 – New voices

01:00 – Cobb Tuning

  • Who are they?

02:27 – CarPlay

  • What is it?
  • Where can you find it?
  • Car development cycle
  • Ferrari CarPlay

06:49 – Android auto

11:50 – Faster updates

  • Ford Sync
  • Aftermarket head units
  • Total integration

13:17 – UX in the car

  • “Your dashboard is a screen”
  • Dual platform head unit
  • Hands-on experience

17:12 – Data driven cars

27:42 – Autonomous cars

  • Google
  • Elliott watched Dateline as a kid
  • The joy of driving
  • Hybrid autonomous cars
  • I-35 = sucks
  • Computer driver vs human drivers
  • Partially autonomous vehicles

34:17 – Autonomous car sharing

39:29 – Fuel/battery technology

Tech Table is where we throw Android, iOS, and Web experts into a room and lock the doors until we’ve recorded a rigorous discussion about the latest and greatest technological innovations. If you’re looking for passionate discourses regarding smartphones, wearables, and emerging tech that hasn’t even been conceived yet, take a seat and listen to our panelists verbally duke it out in hi-fi sound.

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