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Tech Table: CES 2016 Recap

Tech Table
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January 15, 2016

Host Kevin Harwood returns from this year’s CES with an abundance of knowledge about the future of connected homes, connected fitness trackers, VR headsets, drones, autonomous vehicles, 8K TVs, and so much more. Co-host Ryan Considine grills him on all of his findings, as well as how he fared at the casinos. Spoiler alert, Kevin will not be retiring anytime soon.


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Show Notes

  • 02:17 – Painting the picture of CES (verbally)
  • 04:35 – CES from afar
  • 06:07 – A year of iteration (not innovation)
  • 06:40 – HomeKit
  • 10:01 – Android’s fragmented home
  • 12:21 – Connected Fitness keeps trucking
  • 14:13 – Whirlpool’s Connected Kitchen
  • 19:08 – VR virtually EVERYWHERE
  • 23:25 – Drones. Drones. Drones.
  • 29:43 – The force is strong with 3D printing
  • 32:22 – Autonomous cars are on their way
  • 34:45 – 8K displays
  • 37:40 – Product rapid fire
  • 40:22 – Kevin gets negative
  • 42:05 – CES crystal ball


Tech Table is where we throw Android, iOS, and Web experts into a room and lock the doors until we’ve recorded a rigorous discussion about the latest and greatest technological innovations. If you’re looking for passionate discourses regarding smartphones, wearables, and emerging tech that hasn’t even been conceived yet, take a seat and listen to our panelists verbally duke it out in hi-fi sound.

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