Tech Table: Connected Home


SXSW Interactive always brings a ton of innovators to Austin, so we decided to sit a few of them down and discuss the future of the Connected Home. With the help of Ohad Zeira from Belkin WeMo, Landon Borders from Big Ass Fans, and Utz Baldwin from Plum, we gained a little more insight into where this space is going. We even got it all on video.


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Show Notes

02:05 – Ohad Zeira, Director of Product at Belkin WeMo

09:53 – Landon Borders, Product Development Manager of Big Ass Fans

12:40 – Utz Baldwin, CEO and Cofounder of Plum

  • Too energetic to sit
  • What is Plum?
  • Experience with automated home

18:30 – State of the Union of the Connected Home

  • Frothy, noisy, IoT world
  • Phase 2 = most interesting
  • You don’t need a hub
  • Bottoms up approach
  • Still hurdles

24:33 – Biggest Barriers

  • Consumer confusion
  • Getting the product right
  • User Research

29:54 – Interoperability

  • The phone is the hub
  • Analytics are key
  • The race is on for the UI
  • Teamwork works
  • Device ecosystems
  • Multi-radio hubs will die
  • Lost in translation

37:07 – Can Apple make it work?

  • It’s still the Wild West

41:29 – Navigating partnerships

  • No shortage of interest
  • Problem is true collaboration
  • Know your customers

45:46 – Security

  • Protect the router
  • Somebody somewhere will mess up royally

49:37 – What does success look like?

52:05 – Install process

  • “It’s just not that difficult, really.”
  • Still work to be done

56:16 – Which devices will boom?

  • Everything in the home will have some connectivity
  • Sensors will be the most prolific devices

60:24 – What will be in the home in 5 years?

  • Smart refridgerator
  • Natural user interfaces
  • Plum light switch

63:38 – Audience Q&A

  • Do we have to use the cloud?
  • How are you educating late adopters?
  • Will sensor data expand quickly?
  • One device at a time or a bunch at once?
  • Will new homes come connected?
  • Will the line blur between commercial and industrial?

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