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Tech Table: IoT and the Future of Car Ownership

Tech Table
February 22, 2016

Hosts Kevin Harwood Ryan Considine are joined by guest Jose Puente from Flexdrive, an automobile subscription service that’s shaking up the idea of car ownership. In this episode, they’ll discuss how car ownership is transforming, and what it means for the future.


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Show Notes

  • 01:55 – Flexible car ownership
  • 03:45 – One payment to rule them all
  • 05:35 – Freedom, flexibility, finally!
  • 07:00 – Associated costs of owning a car
  • 08:40 – Miles versus dollars
  • 10:15 – Not renting Ferraris, yet
  • 12:00 – “Your car is ready sir.”
  • 15:45 – Autonomous car conversion kits
  • 19:30 – A three trillion mile road trip
  • 20:40 – Apple Car!
  • 21:35 – Traffic is ruining my life
  • 22:30 – Down with cars!
  • 25:20 – A $200 Uber ride?!
  • 29:25 – Infrastructure for autonomous cars
  • 32:45 – A virtual commute?


Tech Table is where we throw Android, iOS, and Web experts into a room and lock the doors until we’ve recorded a rigorous discussion about the latest and greatest technological innovations. If you’re looking for passionate discourses regarding smartphones, wearables, and emerging tech that hasn’t even been conceived yet, take a seat and listen to our panelists verbally duke it out in hi-fi sound.

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