Tech Table: Where are the worthwhile wearables?

Tech Table

From fitness trackers to smartwatches, the market is already flooded with wearables, but are any of them worth it? Listen to our inaugural podcast as our panelists discuss the LG G watch, the Moto 360, the Microsoft Band, the Apple Watch, the long-forgotten Google Glass, and many other pieces of computing technology that you can strap to your body.


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Show Notes

02:10 – Moto360

  • Tech Specs
  • Notifications

10:14 – Differences between Android Wear & Apple Watch SDK

  • Apple Watch may handcuff 3rd-party developers
  • Google Glass basic API
  • Android Wear’s iterative process

16:00 – Microsoft Band

  • GPS and location tracking abilities
  • Cross platform

19:55 – Disparate fitness sensors

  • Moto 360 vs fitbit recordings
  • More accuracy please

22:20 – 3rd Party Wearables

  • Jawbone 3UP
  • Garmin

23:01 – How will wearables improve my life?

  • BSX Insight
  • Google Now alerts
  • Actionable information

27:27 – Don’t forget fashion

  • Apple’s fashion-forward approach
  • Apple Watch price point

28:48 – The wrist is worn out

  • What’s next
  • Glass’s resurrection

31:10 – Where are the standalone wearables?

  • Apple’s untethered ambitions
  • The power problem
  • Interacting with smaller screens

34:25 – Voice processing

36:07 – Hearables

40:00 – Next big trends in wearables

  • How wearables will become more personal
  • Cross over to the general market
  • Hardware manufacturers iterating faster than software
  • Haptics
  • Better batteries

Tech Table is where we throw Android, iOS, and Web experts into a room and lock the doors until we’ve recorded a rigorous discussion about the latest and greatest technological innovations. If you’re looking for passionate discourses regarding smartphones, wearables, and emerging tech that hasn’t even been conceived yet, take a seat and listen to our panelists verbally duke it out in hi-fi sound.

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