Top 5 Tips for a Lean Mobile Strategy

Mobile Velocity

Each day, teams are accelerating old business practices with new mobile strategies. The heat is on for you to do the same. Keep up with the leaders of industry by adopting these best practices of a lean mobile strategy:

  • Choose Technology Last – Don’t fall prey to “shiny new object” syndrome. Work to deeply understand user needs first, then find technology solutions to serve them.
  • Look Before You Leap – Your audience may not be able to tell you what they want, but their real-time actions and reactions paint a true picture of what they need.
  • Ideate Often – Create a channel for innovation by encouraging stakeholders to define and frequently evaluate the business case for mobile ideas.
  • Choose Wisely – Don’t fund mobile initiatives based on pressure from business units. Discover the right opportunities and move forward with achievable plans.
  • Stop Debating, Start Doing – Avoid arguing over what users want. Invest all available time and resources towards providing mobile solutions and measuring real results.

It’s time to trim the fat of traditional strategic initiatives and get lean with the simplicity, adaptability, and speed of mobile tactics. Wait too long, and you may find users and your competitors have moved on without you.


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