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Vote to Hear Mutual Mobile Speak at SXSW 2013!

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August 15, 2012

Remember how awesome this year’s SXSW was?

We’re hoping to make SXSW 2013 even better, by having our best and brightest minds speak. One catch: we need your votes to get them there!

We’ve submitted topics that include engineering, design, global diversity and futuristic mobile technology. Check them all out below.

There seems to be no limit to the number of votes you can give, so go ahead and vote for them all! Voting ends Friday, August 31.

Is Mobile a Bubble?

John Arrow, CEO & Founder

In the 4 years following the Apple AppStore’s debut, billions have been injected into a fledgling app-centric economy. 401Ks have been cashed in; jobs have been abandoned to garner the funds necessary to invest in get-rich-quick app ideas. Is this the dot-com bust all over again? Is mobile a bubble? YES. Mobile is a bubble and it’s a bubble that is bursting in a very real way: we are living in that aftermath.

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Mobile User Research Sucks. That’s About to Change

Tarun Nimmagadda, COO

Adoption and retention are the two biggest challenges mobile applications face today. Yet collecting mobile user feedback is a joke. User testing always happens too late, AppStores only allow for one-way communication, and average users can’t articulate how they really feel. What if you could establish a two-way conversation with users from within your app?

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Why Your Brand Doesn’t Need an App

Stephen Brown, Senior Engagement Manager & Amanda McGlothlin, Creative Director

People use 30 apps every two months. Half are only used once. There are close to a million native apps. Why the hell would I put your app on my home screen? How is your app going to be better than the million that are already there? We will discuss:

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Enterprise Invades the Apps Playground

Panel with John Arrow, CEO & Founder, and SAP

It’s clear that enterprise mobility is rapidly gaining ground. But it’s still a really challenging experience for most developers due to the technical complexity and expensive delivery models for most enterprise mobile platforms. Add to that the rapidly evolving nature of mobile technologies and you can see why most approach with trepidation.

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Synchronized Webbing

Dan Nichols, Director of Web Engineering

Major players like Google are busily introducing browsers that sync the pages you browse from one device to another. Entertainment companies are turning on to the “second-screen” that mobile and tablet devices offer TV audiences and gamers. How do we rethink the web app for a world where every user is on every device at once?

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The 24-Hour Development Cycle

Conrad Stoll, iOS Engineer & Tarun Nimmagadda, COO

With varying time zones in the US and India, teams can employ “the 24-hour development cycle”, where the application goes through iterations and improvements continually, with no downtime. But collaboration and communication are not easy- even for teams in the same office- and small problems are greatly exacerbated when a team is a separated by an entire ocean. So how can teams overcome these challenges?

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Javascript: Time for a Divorce

Clay Benson, Principal Developer, Web

Accepted truth: We as developers love our code – it’s our passion, it’s our life. We push for the best because that’s the making of a great developer. Except, that precept is more than a little misguided. Ask yourself: Why the marriage to more and more client side Javascript? Why are Javascript libraries getting larger and more bloated? What advantage does it give the end user? Keeping these questions in mind, let’s divorce ourselves from all things Javascript.

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Designing in the Lawless Landscape of Android

Adam Beckley, Interaction Designer

We are in the beginning of a mobile arms race, with Apple, Android and Windows pushing new, fantastic, and often frightening innovations at breakneck speeds. While Apple has the distinct advantage of being “safest” for designers, we shouldn’t fear the unknown! Android has the potential for being an amazing new landscape for designers.

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Mobile Inno-vention

Ryan Engle, Lead R&D Engineer

When it comes to research and development, two words come to mind: invention and innovation. In mobile, the biggest wins come through “inno-vention”: when hardware (invention) and software (innovation) coalesce. However, the mobile R&D lifecycle is fundamentally different than traditional R&D. Why?

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How the iPad Makes Sales Suck Less

Mike Nowlin, Engagement Manager

The benefits of mobile tools for the salesforce are fairly easy to recognize: instant access to product catalogs, customer information, and support materials such as videos. All of this gives front-line sales teams a competitive advantage in efficiency and availability of information to better sell products and services. But what about the customer? How do these mobile solutions improve the sales experience for the person that’s actually buying the goods?

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