Hit warp speed on your revenue growth.

Across apps, cloud, and the metaverse, we design and ship your every digital need to win users and grow revenue.

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Agile strategies to grow your revenue.

Drawing from a deep pool of experience, we help companies of all sizes target revenue goals with a tracer bullet’s accuracy. Our work with Fortune 100s, Fortune 500s, and some of today’s most exciting startups have seen us build apps, deploy cloud services, and create AR and VR experiences–all in-house. We rely on award-winning UX design and multi-platform expertise to hyper-calibrate your digital product to become an unstoppable growth machine.

Mobile & App Marketing

Be everywhere your users are with agile and insightful mobile app marketing. Having helped some of the world’s best brands like Nike, Under Armour, and The Economist, we create and deploy attractive app-based growth strategies for companies of all sizes. Our approach blends relentless data analysis with an industry-leading array of multi-platform expertise and award-winning UX Design to deliver an unforgettable client experience.

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What makes growth strategies different?

Rapid iteration

Fail fast, fail forward.

Accurate targeting.

Blends marketing methods.


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


Average app store ratings of 4.75 and a revamped digital experience

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View Case Study
Under Armour Xpress

Enhancing customer experience with product customization

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View Case Study
Modo Payments

1,000 registered users in no time for the Crustacean Nation app

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View Case Study

Why Mutual Mobile?


Share your vision with us. Whether you’ve got an idea or the hope of one, we can help.



Collaboration is our signature cocktail. So together, we’ll hone and define the right idea for your users.



We harness user-centered designs + emerging technologies to make the unimaginable possible.

“An unforgettable client experience.”
Lauren Martin
Head of Product
“Helped generate more than $1 million in gross revenue.”
Carrie Wellbaum
Associate Director
“High level of commitment.”
JG Campagnaro
Product Manager
Ryan Williams
Director of Pricing
“Our first ever feature on Google Play!”
Remy Becher
Senior Director
“Fired on all cylinders in every single function.”
Phil Hiller
Senior Product Manager
“A pleasure to work with all the way.”
Yves Saada
Main Project Sponsor
“Nine months’ worth of work in a month and a half.”
Chad Wells
Fire Marshall


What is growth marketing?

It refers to a sub-field of marketing that focuses on rapid growth. It relies on quick experiments and innovative strategies that engage users, hook them, and quickly scale user bases. Primarily relying on multivariate and A/B testing, growth marketing strategies also use hyper-personalized campaigns to cater to niche audience groups. Overall, it is an authentic and reliable strategy to advocate for user interests consistently.

Which platforms do you work with?

Our mobile and app marketing services see us help out clients with App Store and Play Store optimization and creative mobile strategies that drive your app to the top of the charts. We will consistently help your app leverage strategic ways of generating more installs and encourage word-of-mouth traffic by helping create seamless in-app onboarding UX for your users.

What is mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing strategies keep your brand in sync with users throughout the lifecycle–right from the point where they hear about your app to when they become frequent and loyal users. From listing your product in the right way to optimizing it for higher chances of user discovery, our mobile app marketing strategy always puts you within comfortable reach for your users.

Design solutions that delight users.

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk ideas!

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