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Mobile App Development

A 68% to 305% increase in your bass catch rates

With 8,645 reviews and 4.5 rating on the App Store and 4,150 reviews and a 4.5 rating on the Play Store in a year, BassForecast is the #1 fishing forecast app in the world.

Web Development

Helping put first responders first

Firefighters have one of the most stressful occupations in the world. In a bid to simplify their job, we helped Xerox build a powerful native iPad app that would handle the bulk of their daily inspections checklist and save them hundreds of man hours.

AR & VR Development

Reimagining retail with virtual reality

As the undisputed leader in everything retail, Walmart wanted to unveil its vision for the future of shopping. We helped them create a virtual shopping experience that put shoppers inside a working VR store, which Walmart showcased at SXSW 2017.

Under Armour Record
Mobile App Development

Award-winning product with 1.94 million users

With 1.94 million users and 2.6 billion logged workouts, the CES Innovation Award-winning Under Armour Record was one of the first ever fitness trackers and helped reimagine our relationship with health and fitness forever.

Mobile App Development

Fluid mobility solutions—the Danish way

Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in the world to own a car. But Dribe used Flexdrive, a technology we helped develop, to let Danes drive more by subscribing to cars and revolutionizing car culture in the eco-friendly Scandinavian nation.

Mobile App Development

An immersive automotive shopping experience

Going car shopping is tough; everything looks great at the dealer’s! To help customers out, Audi partnered with us to set up iPad displays that would let users experience virtual driving, tutorials, and even the feel of the Audi A8 in stunning 3D visuals.

Mobile App Development

50% of Fortune 500s as clients

Over 1.5 billion people trust AccuWeather’s forecasts. But, to keep employees and operations safe, their business users needed more custom tools. The product we built for them helped them increase profits and make their clients vastly more productive.


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"Nine months’ worth of work in a month and a half."

Chad Wells

Fire Marshal

"Our first ever feature on Google Play!"

Remy Becher

Senior Director

"Fired on all cylinders in every single function."

Phil Hiller

Senior Project Manager

“Sales increased by 67% and custom wear orders were 112% higher.”

Veeral Rathod


"Helped generate more than $1 million in gross revenue."

Carrie Wellbaum

Associate Director of Audio

"An unforgettable client experience."

Lauren Martin

Head of Product

"A pleasure to work with all the way."

Yves Saada

Main Project Sponsor

“Mutual Mobile’s team was outstanding. They did a great job ensuring we stayed within the original budget and timeline.”

Ryan Williams

Director of Pricing

"1/3rd the time. 1/3rd the price."

Bert Myers


"High level of commitment."

JG Campagnaro

Product Manager


What is product design?

Product design can be broadly defined as the process of visualizing, designing, building, and shipping a product that solves a problem multiple users face and goes on to fill a gap in the market. It combines a diverse set of skills and is perhaps the single most important ingredient in making a product successful.

What are the 5 elements of product design?

The greatest products often have five elements in common. Utility, or whether the product solves a particular user group’s problem. Reliability, or ensuring your product performs consistently well for users. Usability, or designing a product that is easy and almost intuitive to use. Pleasurability, or understanding if using your product delights users. Desirability, or judging if the product is good enough to inspire ownership pride.

What are the 4 steps in product design?

Although multiple iterations exist, there are 4 steps at the core of all product design. Ideation, or the process of considering multiple ideas and honing on one. Research, gathering precedents and parallels to your product and defining your process’s best practices. Development, or actually building the product with the language or code framework you choose. And Launch, or going to market with a working version that solves user issues and fills a gap in the market.

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