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Solving problems and growing businesses with our strategy solutions one client at a time.

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Enhance your business strategy to accelerate growth and revenue.

In today’s era of disruption, it’s become even more critical to have a coherent strategy in place for your business. Armed with 12+ years of experience in the technology industry, we can help your business stand out from the crowd with laser-focused strategic consulting. All while taking advantage of emerging technologies and exciting opportunities to drive innovation and growth while mitigating risks, with the ultimate goal of delivering value and growing your topline.

Business Consulting

Business consulting in the sphere of technology consists of offering advice and suggestions to clients on how they can solve particular problems and achieve business goals with the help of technology. If implemented properly business consulting can also help you improve efficiency, reduce costs, and speed up business operations and processes.

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Program Management

Program management is an approach wherein the programs across any organization are managed to boost efficiency and are individually mapped to business goals, which helps improve organizational performance and drive organizational change. The cornerstones of a successful program management process include business-specific knowledge, skills, techniques, and tools.

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Cloud Consulting & SI

Cloud consulting is a service wherein cloud professionals develop, incorporate, migrate, and maintain cloud processes, applications, or systems for organizations. Cloud consulting could include any of the processes mentioned above or all of them. Some advantages of cloud consulting include reduced costs, better scalability, and faster development.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation can be defined as the process of continually evolving and updating your business by incorporating the latest technologies that are disrupting industries.

The objective in this scenario is to be front and center at the convergence of technology and innovation to enhance efficiency, drive growth, and achieve predetermined goals set by the organization. Another key objective of digital transformation can be modernizing old-school companies or out-of-date activities with technology.

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Discovery, in development lingo, has an entirely different meaning. It is the first step in a product development process that focuses on building a mutual understanding of a product’s vision and objective with the help of comprehensive research, brainstorming sessions, concept and market analysis, wireframing, and prototyping. This results in visualizing the entire scope of a product.

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Importance of strategic consulting

Boosts efficiency

Enhances performance

Improves business value

New revenue streams


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


50% of Fortune 500s as Clients


Higher revenues and lower costs with a cleaner backend system

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Anderson Columbia

How we helped Anderson Columbia shave 30 minutes a day per employee

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View Case Study

Average app store ratings of 4.75 and a revamped digital experience

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View Case Study
TUYA Technologies

Enhancing efficiency with diminishing costs and greater benefits

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Why Mutual Mobile?


Share your vision with us. Whether you’ve got an idea or the hope of one, we can help.



Collaboration is our signature cocktail. So together, we’ll hone and define the right idea for your users.



We harness user-centered designs + emerging technologies to make the unimaginable possible.

“An unforgettable client experience.”
Lauren Martin
Head of Product
“Helped generate more than $1 million in gross revenue.”
Carrie Wellbaum
Associate Director
“High level of commitment.”
JG Campagnaro
Product Manager
Ryan Williams
Director of Pricing
“Our first ever feature on Google Play!”
Remy Becher
Senior Director
“Fired on all cylinders in every single function.”
Phil Hiller
Senior Product Manager
“A pleasure to work with all the way.”
Yves Saada
Main Project Sponsor
“Nine months’ worth of work in a month and a half.”
Chad Wells
Fire Marshall


What is our approach toward strategy?

Mutual Mobile’s strategic consulting services are designed to be modular, flexible, hyper-focused, and customizable to solve a myriad of challenges.

We combine our expertise across different verticals to develop the perfect solution to solve problems or achieve your goals.

Why does your business need technology strategic consulting?

You might need technology strategic consulting for several reasons:

  • Your business is struggling with obstacles and challenges that are affecting performance.
  • You want an outsider’s perspective and expert opinion on how you can streamline your business to achieve goals.
  • Your business has outgrown its existing business processes and you want help scaling up to drive revenue and reduce costs.
Which industries do we serve?

Across our 12+ years of experience, we have worked with over 500 clients such as Walmart, Audi, Nike, Royal Caribbean, Union Bank, Anderson Columbia, National Geographic, and The Economist. At the same time, we have completed projects across 60+ industries including finance, construction, eCommerce, IT, healthcare, retail, sports, and automotive.

Design solutions that delight users.

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk ideas!

Please check out our careers page for current open positions. If you don't find a suitable position you can write to us jobs@mutualmobile.com

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