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Stories of meaningful products that became user favorites, won awards, and increased revenues.

"Nine months’ worth of work in a month and a half."

Chad Wells, Fire Marshal, Xerox

Chad Wells

Fire Marshal

"Our first ever feature on Google Play!"

Remy Becher, Senior Director, The Economist

Remy Becher

Senior Director

"Fired on all cylinders in every single function."

Phil Hiller, Senior Project Manager, Nike

Phil Hiller

Senior Project Manager

"Helped generate more than $1 million in gross revenue."

Carrie Wellbaum, Associate Director of Audio, Hay House

Carrie Wellbaum

Associate Director of Audio

"An unforgettable client experience."

Lauren Martin, Head of Product, ElevateIQ

Lauren Martin

Head of Product

"A pleasure to work with all the way."

Yves Saada, Main Project Sponsor, Disney

Yves Saada

Main Project Sponsor


Ryan Williams, Director of Pricing, Builders First Source

Ryan Williams

Director of Pricing

"1/3rd the time. 1/3rd the price."

Bert Myers, Controller, Anderson Columbia

Bert Myers


"High level of commitment."

JG Campagnaro, Product Manager, Accuweather

JG Campagnaro

Product Manager
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