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A web app for artists and managers to handle their digital presence.

BeatBiz helps a musician manage their internet presence and PR work. Its core offering is a workflow tool that aggregates business and music apps to help professionals in the music industry save time and trim costs. It is intended to help well-established artists with a dedicated following handle their inbound emails, marketing requests, and sort through social media noise.

Project introduction

Putting artists in control again.

We got in touch with the folks behind BeatBiz through a common contact and partnered with them for a short-term project that spanned 7 weeks. At the time, BeatBiz had prototypes drawn up for their platform on InVision and Sketch. They needed an Electron web app built and deployed in perfect alignment with those ideas.


The beauty and the beats.

For artists, the challenge was navigating the uncharted territory of managing an online presence and handling marketing. Managers, on the other hand, had to handle multiple channels at the same time and somehow draw valuable business insights. This, in addition to artist management, made context switching a huge issue for them. Our app had to fix both sides of this coin without sacrificing UX simplicity for either of them.


A method to the madness.

Our first order of business was to set up open lines of communication. A few handy intros, one-on-ones, and meet-and-greets later, our frontend, backend, and project teams were in animated conversation with the folks at BeatBiz (chiefly on Slack).

We built the feature backlog, set priorities, and started documenting everything on Jira in case the client wanted a quick overview. 

Soon, the web app began to take shape beautifully. Users could add entire bands as a whole and grant each of its members access to personal dashboards. Individual artists could stay on top of their analytics and instantly receive relevant information.

The platform also provided unfettered access to artists’ Spotify, email, and other social media accounts, allowing managers to switch between artists and compare data from analytics.


Hitting the right notes.

The web app we built included a responsive dashboard. Managers could key in an artist’s ID and password and immediately have their analytics reflect in there. This killed the pain of switching contexts and made managing multiple artists easier.

Together, we build better

An app’s potential for greatness is infinite. With over 700 successful projects delivered across 12 industries, your ideas and our experience make for a great duo. Write to us at to talk ideas and explore collaboration.