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Builders FirstSource

Using Azure to cut processing times by 98%.

The USA’s largest supplier of building products and prefab materials, Builders FirstSource is a brand with a decorated reputation. Founded in 1998, BFS today has 570 locations across 42 states. Raking in revenues in excess of $23 billion in 2022, this mighty Fortune 500 company is often considered to be a pioneering innovator in the homebuilding industry.


Project introduction

As a Fortune 500 and hugely popular wholesaler, BFS was receiving more orders per second than they could send out quotes for. Eager to up their game, they toyed with the idea of a spanking new cloud-based product that could scale to any level of demand. What’s more is that this new product had to fit in flawlessly with their existing systems.


More orders than they could count.

BFS used MS Access to create quotes for raw materials. Employees had to go and check inventory before issuing a quote. On average, a single quote took 15 minutes. With the only copy of their data on the Access server, they needed a change to something quicker and more secure. And fast.


Cloud with an Azure lining.

How does one step in to reinvent a Fortune 500 recording unprecedented growth in year-on-year revenue? By using transformational tech like Microsoft Azure.

The sales web app we built was called My BFS Builder. It was a simple tool to generate quotes quick and easy, but it had something the rest didn’t: A platform engineered in React and hosted entirely on Azure storage with an API server using .NET. 

Add to that the data crunching might of the Azure SQL Server and the breezy ease of the Azure App Service, and we created for them new DEV, UAT, and Staging Environments. All this on top of their existing Production Environment at zero extra cost. 

BFS could now test new features, generate quotes, and back data up at lightning speed without any manual intervention.

“Mutual Mobile's team was outstanding. They clearly communicated expectations and met their obligations. As decision points arose, they did a great job ensuring we stayed within the original scope regarding budget and timeline.” - Ryan Williams, Director of Pricing, Builders First Source.


Cloud smarts. Fortune 500 might.

98% drop in processing times.

Using MS Access and manual inventory checks, BFS could generate, on average, one quote every 15 minutes. My BFS Builder helped them send one out every 15 seconds or 600 every 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right.

Zero scope for errors.

The Azure SQL Server behind the app backs data up every day without needing any manual intervention. This brought the platform’s scope for errors as well as downtime down to almost zero–saving customers countless hours.

4x the market cap.

Ever since My BFS Builder brought in great results, Builders FirstSource aggressively pursued newer ideas and acquired or merged with 4 companies. This took their stock price from near the $20 mark to over $80, proving early movers reap the biggest winnings.

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