Children’s Services Council

Children's Services Council (CSC) is a countywide special taxing district created by ordinance and approved by voters to fund programs and services that improve children’s lives and their families’ lives.

Focus Area

Children’s Services Council wanted an app to simplify parenting for parents, grandparents, and legal guardians across diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. They sought out Mutual Mobile to engineer this vision, as we were one of few agencies with proven capabilities in the Swift programming language.

Keeping Track of Parenting Tasks

Children's Service Council needed development assistance for both the iOS and Android versions of the app they wished to create. The platforms had to be accessible, have push notification capability, and be interactive. Hence they required a team of experienced developers such as Mutual Mobile. The application helps users keep track of children's education, health, behavior, growth safety, and lots more. It is thereby to assist parents in engaging with their child's life more effectively.

Simple & Effective Parenting Solution

  • Personalized information for 0-6574 days of child growth.
  • Displayed information regarding top concerns: School/Education, Child Safety, Bullying, Nutrition/Healthy Choices, and children making the right choices.
  • Mutual Mobile enabled easy data consumption via the timeline feature, allowing families to add multiple children with individual timelines to their profile.
  • Mutual Mobile identified the best user engagement strategy through immersive research in the Palm Beach County neighborhoods, where we identified the user group’s behavioural patterns.
  • Implemented automated push notifications specific to a child’s profile based on age in days in the 0-18 years timeline.
  • Achieved the 1-year target for downloads and Active Users within six months.

“From the beginning, their expertise and knowledge within the industry distinguished them from other companies. They knew the technology and were ahead of the curve with changes coming to the programming languages. Besides, their proactivity, creativity, and communicative nature made the experience seamless. I think highly of their work, and I’m thrilled with the work they’ve done.” - Michael Roedel, Digital Communications Administrator, Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County

CSC received phenomenal feedback and has been exceptional from their users on the application’s capabilities. EveryParent app also has stellar ratings of 4.7 and 4.4. EveryParent achieved triple the number of subscribers than expected in the first two years with the help of Mutual Mobile.