Cox Connect

Cox Connect is a customer support and billing application that allows customers to manage their services, pay their bills and resolve customer support issues without the need for a customer service agent.

Focus Area

Refurbishing UI/UX For Brand Evolution

Cox Communications is a privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, which provides digital cable television, telecommunications and home automation services in the United States. The current version of Cox connects a mobile web experience to a bill-paying application and reads PDF guides. The application was out of date, did not comply with the Cox brand and could not evolve.

Cox Communications therefore approached Mutual Mobile to redefine the vision of the Cox Connect App, the bill pay app and the support app, by creating a new, modern visual design based on the customer's needs.

Updating Application To Align With Company Goals

Cox Communications recognised the need to rebuild the current Cox Connect application that is available on both the iOS and Android markets. Previous applications were based on a code that was outdated and Cox had reinvented himself with a new brand that had to be incorporated into the designs.

The new application should provide a new level of speed, sophistication and advanced features that will greatly improve customer experience in billing and self-service.

Cox Communications had to build on the following objectives: 

  • A polished UI/UX that incorporates new brand elements 
  • The backlog of core functionality and the roadmap to be integrated into the app based on the priority of the product owner 
  • Updated architecture of solutions and support for new technologies 
  • Two platform-specific solutions to support national accessibility standards

Easy User Interface For Seamless Access

  • Mutual Mobile created seamless access options for visually impaired customers. 
  • Mutual Mobile leveraged our Hyderabad, India team to optimize resources and speed up development. 
  • The Cox App allows customers to pay bills quickly through one-time or automatic billing so that users will never miss another billing cycle. 
  • The Cox App provides customers with a modern and user-friendly interface for improved customer experience.
  • The Cox App provides the customer with the most important information in an easy-to-use and action-oriented layout.
  • The application has an updated architecture and the implementation of GraphQL to manage API calls and future system integration.
  • Mutual Mobile created the initial priority backlog and the roadmap for all the features. 
  • Built wireframes for key flows demonstrating how customers interact with the application. 
  • Designed an app map that organizes the features and components of the app.

Modernized Code Architecture With Advanced Design Concepts

  • Cox received a vision for the new app based on the needs of the customer (UI and UX).
  • New concepts of design featuring updated branding. 
  • Existing architecture assessment and proposed architecture to support the new application.