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Fluid mobility solutions—the Danish way

Dribe is a vehicle subscription service based in Copenhagen, Denmark, established in 2018 to revolutionize how we use cars. They aimed to popularize car subscription services over purchasing cars, thus boosting sustainability and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Dribe wanted people to access vehicles more innovatively, just like we have already done with music, movies, and even clothes.


Project introduction

The Semler Group came up with the idea of establishing Dribe since it's expensive to purchase vehicles in Denmark, due to the excessive registration taxes. They wanted to introduce a new business model that would allow access to affordable cars for the masses. 

Here is where Dribe was positioned to solve the problems of buying, owning, and disposing vehicles for consumers. Dribe wanted to incorporate Flexdrive, a technology built by Mutual Mobile, to turn their idea into reality. Hence we were roped in to develop the Dribe app in June 2017, which was officially launched in February 2018.


A more fluid mobility solution

As is the case with most projects, we faced a couple of challenges along the way. The key of them being the white labeling of the Flexdrive solution for Dribe.

Other issues involved integrating NemID (a secure log-in for Danish citizens) into the Dribe app, GDPR restrictions on the server-side, and a lack of third-party support, which we overcame.


React Native, Danish design standards

This was the part we were excited about the most—to work with a startup that relied on us as their one-stop shop tech partner. We worked alongside Dribe’s leadership team to develop a digital "go-to-market" strategy, which involved designing, developing, and launching an MVP version of Dribe in 6 months.

Our approach wasn’t limited to building out with a React Native framework. Instead, design and UX integrity carried equal weight.

That was not all; we also developed and incorporated the following for Dribe:

  • B2C apps for iOS and Android.
  • B2B apps for iOS and Android.
  • Web-based fleet management systems for B2C and B2B.
  • Subscription Management systems for B2C and B2B.
  • Communications platform integration with templates for email marketing.
  • Telemetry integrations for onboard vehicle analytics.
  • Infrastructure development and support with Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Verification systems to deter and prevent fraud.


Expansion of service lines and creating future value

Our partnership with Dribe started in 2017, and it's still going strong five years later. Some of the key highlights of our collaboration with Dribe include:

Pilot launch of the Dribe app

The deployment process included a pilot launch that involved a small centralized group of users to collect feedback. The product hit the mark on Dribe’s desires and expectations for
V1—on time and budget.

"Both Dribe and Mutual Mobile were exploring a new territory together where creativity and an open mind were critical, which was the beauty of our partnership. It was also important for us that we both understood each other, not only on the competencies and solving issues but also in a social setting; and Mutual Mobile did a great job with that as well.” - Erik Asbjørn Arvid, Manager of Business Development and Finance, Dribe.

Expansion of service lines

Post its app rollout, Dribe added on to its portfolio with a members’ loyalty account program, Dribe V1.5, and a flexible company car platform, Dribe at Work.

Creating future value

Within a few months of its launch, Dribe ranked third in private car leasing. By 2021, Dribe was expanding into new markets and offering franchising opportunities.

Elevate your business with Mutual Mobile

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