Give Drivers What They Need. It’s That Simple.

Since launch in 2018, 1600+ Dribe members are driving in 1400+ cars. Together, Dribe and Mutual Mobile gave the Danish consumer market instant access to mobility of any type. And this car subscription platform is just getting started…

Tribe + Drive = Dribe

"We are embracing the new digital age within cars. It’s amazing what data you can extract from a vehicle. We transform it to generate value for us, but also for our members: delivering a complete subscription-based model. The ideology of Dribe is that once you pick a car, you should be able to drive the car with no inconveniences, as long as you want to."

Erik Asbjørn Arvid, Manager of Business Development & Finance, Dribe

The Danish Car Market? It’s Complicated.

Dribe collected expansive data and essential considerations around the Danish market needs, and a few key findings solidified the platform:
  • Car ownership in Denmark is tremendously expensive. The cost of vehicle ownership can be up to 250% more than car ownership in the US.
  • Through leases or ownership, there were no solid options for varied/daily mobility needs.
  • Half of auto sales are via private leasing, which offers smaller cars, not many commercial-sized vehicles.
  • While there are car-share options in the city, it’s highly unpredictable and inconvenient.

A More Fluid Mobility Solution. The Right Partner.

Offering a brand new, disruptive, digital experience, with an expansive data set informing the features, on an aggressive timeline, wasn’t going to happen under one roof. Dribe discovered they would need the right builder, and they had to go global to find it.

Shortly after discovering the Flexdrive subscription model, Dribe tracked us down,

“We had an idea of what type of company we wanted to work with. Someone who knew the automotive industry and financial industries. But we also had to find someone who knew about the gamification movement, merging all of these areas into a platform.”

Lars Eegholm, CEO Dribe

To work with a startup who relies on us as their 1-stop shop tech partner bred excitement from day one. We integrated the Dribe requirements, MVP expectations, and brand into a very specific tech platform. The discovery process was as refreshing as it was complex.“We put a highly experienced team on Dribe. And then with an agile, iterative process, we shaped V1 to deliver on their aggressive timeline.” said Mutual Mobile Program Manager, Robert Trotter.

The Project Roadmap: React Native, Danish Design Standards

The tech plan, involved working with a system with third party dependencies while sprinting to deliver feature requirements. It was clear many third parties weren’t ready to support some of these features within a condensed deadline. Simplifying for MVP was not only sensible, it was necessary.

Challenges included the NemID login, which is a secure log-in across the country for every Danish citizen.This led to a tough retro-fitted web element that had to be incorporated into the app, as there was no native solution. There were also GDPR restrictions to accommodate on the server side.

But the approach wasn’t limited to stripping down and building out with a React Native framework. Design and UX integrity carried equal weight. Primary app architect, and Mutual Mobile Principal Engineer David Dulak adds, “A nice aspect about the Danish culture is that they have an aesthetic which is very simple, very clean. They pay attention to things that are well-designed.”

Phased Product Deployment: Beta & Launch

“Dribe had defined objectives: state of the art user experience and demands around timing to win the footrace for a high-end offering. We worked to define MVP and pared down to get to a fast launch…0-MVP in three months, entirely in their branding.”

Russ Buyse, Chief Operating Officer, Mutual Mobile

Customer acquisition was not the initial priority. The deployment process included an MVP Beta product that was tested for three months. This pilot launch involved a small centralized group of users to collect feedback. The product hit the mark on Dribe’s desires and expectations for V1–on time and on budget. Three months later, the app was rolled out to the public, and the next phase of iteration began.

Fast forward a year, and Dribe V1.5, featuring the Driver’s Club loyalty account program was released and considered a resounding success.

A Community Partnership with Shared Values

Being part of a car community and creating continuous member value within the Dribe experience is at the forefront of not only the work, but also our partnership. Erik says, “This is new territory. It’s about being creative and open-minded. The beauty here is that we’re exploring it together.”

Alignment of expectations is crucial in every partnership. It’s alignment between the two businesses, as well as with a growing community of Dribe members. Working with Dribe has been mutually satisfying and enjoyable. Dribe believes cultural fit is, the essence of getting ideas flowing. We agree 100%.

Mutual Mobile Technical Director, Priya Kokku, says “We respect Dribe as an expert in their market, and they do the same for us–which makes it easier to make recommendations for long-term success.”

Expansion and Creating Future Value

Currently ranking third in private leasing in 2018, Dribe became a very big player in a very short time. So what does the path forward look like?

Building Community Through New Features. Members who have been using the app since the beginning have high expectations around added value. The Driver’s Club loyalty account is just the beginning. New incentive initiatives are in progress, so Dribe members can collect rewards for positive user behaviors and loyalty.

A B2B Invitation and Going Global. Dribe has big plans. We look forward to helping them navigate the B2B space, as well as the consumer market beyond Denmark, growing a more global Dribe community.

We tap into the unrealized greatness in every business – and progress is our deliverable.