Accelerating Progress

Flexdrive wanted to change the world with a new subscription-based automobile platform. They partnered with Mutual Mobile to put their ambitious plan into motion, using emerging technology.
Mobile Devices
Flexdrive CEO Jose Puente knew that the Flexdrive app would prove the most important part of their plan from the beginning.

"We had a vision – and with Mutual Mobile on board, we had all the tools and expertise to make it a reality."

Jose Puente - Flexdrive CEO

Car ownership is out of  touch.

The auto industry has been in dire straits for decades and economic priorities change faster than manufacturers can move. The industry is ripe for disruption.

Millennials set trends.

Transforming how we approach daily tasks through fundamental shifts in philosophy and technology, millennials set the trends and dictate emerging technologies.

Sharing is in need of an upgrade.

The sharing economy has led to the growth of companies like Zipcar, Uber, Lyft. But these platforms present problems, limitations, annoyances.

Flexibility fits.

Flexdrive’s approach is simple: give people access to a wide range of cars, available as needed for as long as they need them. There’s no need for loans, insurance, or commitments–and the user has more control over their experience. A single fee includes insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance. More control than Uber, less hassle than owning, and better user experience than renting means happier customers.
Flexdrive approached Mutual Mobile with a three-
phase strategy:
  • Phase One: Partner with Uber to provide cars on-demand with no need for insurance or purchase.
  • Phase Two: Enable drivers to select their cars from a wide range of options, keeping them as long as needed.
  • Phase Three: Partner with dealerships and enterprise companies that require the management of large fleets. This will allow for a nationwide Flexdrive fleet of vehicles to deploy all over the world, on-demand, in real-time.

Built to transform. Built to  scale.

Mutual Mobile signed on to develop a totally fresh technology infrastructure that could scale with Flexdrive as their customer base and number of markets grew.

Phase One: Mutual Mobile conducted a full discovery and independent research to help build multiple wireframes and paper prototypes of the app. The Flexdrive team gave feedback to guide the next iterations before launch.

As a result, subscribers bought right in. They enjoyed the convenience but also took care of the vehicles, feeling a sense of connection and ownership.

Phase Two: The team provides additional technical solutions to enable progressive growth, streamlining operations.

Mutual Mobile is developing a new app that enables the Flexdrive business to efficiently and securely approve applications and payment information by centralizing databases that verify subscriber information.

Phase Three: Taking steps to actively enhancing a multitude of portals, users can access more real-time data. The data that is provided is a powerful tool that no competitors currently offer.

Flexdrive sits under the Cox Auto umbrella and has access to proprietary data from Autotrader, KBB, Manheim, vAuto, and many others. This allows fleet owners the ability to manage their inventory to maximize the returns, all through a personalized dashboard.

Mutual Mobile is also improving the primary Flexdrive app to allow subscribers to register, receive approval status within 30 seconds, provide GPS location to a selected vehicle, and submit payment–without having to talk to a rep or dealer.

"After working with Mutual Mobile for many years, I trust them to help us with execution of the Flexdrive vision. Thanks to their partnership, we’ve expanded from a fleet of 35 vehicles in one market to now offer almost 6000 vehicles in ten major metros…and we are just getting started."

Jose Puente - Flexdrive CEO
As a result of its industry-reforming innovation, Flexdrive is on track to be a billion-dollar company in a few years.

We tap into the unrealized greatness in every business – and progress is our deliverable.