Modo Payments

Crustacean Nation - A Ballpark Ticketing App by Modo Payments, a bank-grade payments stack for enterprises, approached Mutual Mobile in 2019. They wanted a better way to engage MLB fans beyond their ballpark.

Focus Area

Mutual Mobile worked with Modo and their client, FIS. This was done to bring their "Ballparks of the Future" initiative to life. This initiative became a reality when Mutual Mobile built an app called The Crustacean Nation App. This app allowed users to get exclusive perks, access tickets, and view ballpark maps. It also enabled them to view event schedules for people visiting the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville.

Catering to Baseball Fans

Modo sought to create an iOS and Android application to engage MLB Baseball fans. This was done by providing access to tickets, events, maps, and games.

Modo’s primary aim was to implement a unique application to cater to a specific baseball team. In the long run, they wanted to expand this to other baseball teams as well. They found Mutual Mobile to be the right fit to work closely with and integrate various application features.

Integrating Unique Features on Baseball App

  • Mutual Mobile delivered an innovative app that introduced a new subscription-based business model. As a result, they could enjoy additional perks in the Ballpark like bringing other guests, retail discounts, skipping lines, accessing park information, event calendar, and purchasing tickets.
  • Mutual Mobile integrated an innovative and fun feature that allows fans to interact with beloved mascot Scampi via AR game, or take a selfie with him on the Crustacean Nation App.
  • Mutual Mobile helped to increase ticket sales with a new subscription-based business model. This is expected to materialize into significant revenue opportunities for both FIS and the Jumbo Shrimp.

A Treat for Jacksonville Admirers

The Crustacean Nation App received approximately 1000 registered users who accessed the ballpark grounds to support the Jacksonville team. In addition, the audience showed a lot of interest and enthusiasm towards the application. This is because it made it easier for them to book and access tickets without physically purchasing tickets.

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