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Efficient driver-friendly app for boosting engagement

Ruckit operates in the construction industry. It builds software to bring contractors, brokers, carriers, and material producers together on one platform. So far, their driver-partners have logged more than 634,000 trips on Ruckit, served over 6,000 companies with their trucks, and moved over 15,000,000 tons of materials!


Project introduction

Ruckit had a great concept and was a potential disruptor in its space. At the time, Ruckit was running the platform on legacy systems and a lot of paper. Pulling in tickets became a hassle and drivers weren’t getting paid on time. The accounts team spent more time on the paperwork and counting hours for pay than on driving insights. Drivers weren’t happy because they wanted money as soon as a job got done. This perpetuated a vicious cycle. Ruckit needed an efficient system in place—and fast. And that’s where we stepped in.


Beefing up the MVP

The driver app needed reworking to become more efficient. We needed this to collect app-use data in real-time and store it in a centralized knowledge pool. If we had that in place, we would be able to speed up business-critical decisions, driver hour calculations, and pay, freeing up massive bandwidth. But at the time, the app just wasn’t ready for this scope.


Building a driver-friendly app

Since the Android app was being handled internally by Ruckit, we used Swift for the iOS one. After pushing the first release out in 3 months, we started factoring in active feedback from the driver-partners to make the platform easier to use.

We structured our team to align with Ruckit’s time zones. A person was appointed as the Point of Contact for drivers looking to clear doubts while on duty. Functioning like an extension of Ruckit’s tech arm, we deployed Firebase for analytics across the Android and iOS apps. Using Kotlin, our team added new features to the Android app and eventually became engaged to maintain it. For additional support, we brought Python and Django developers onto the team.


Dynamic engagement to propel Ruckit forward

Platform expansion

We broadened the scope of our initial agreement to help Ruckit push boundaries in its industry. This involved us working in close quarters with the salespeople, customer support, and helping Command Alkon—their parent company—transition away from legacy systems.

Bolt-on solutions

We made Ruckit easier to use by adding on a few features like:

  • A web app called Scale It, built using Angular. It automatically pulls a truck’s weighed load and seamlessly prints a ticket.
  • A Ruckit Field app, something we are currently working on. It increases jobsite visibility for Superintendents and Foremen, keeping the crew abreast of the truck’s movement and load.

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