Faster quotes. Smarter workflow.

How we partnered with Southwire to double app user growth and simplify manual processes with a focused digital experience.
Southwire Configurator Plus
Contractors, distributors, agents, engineers
Desktop, laptop, tablet
iOS, Android

Expand the audience. Deliver quotes. Keep it simple.​

"Integrating a digital experience into a paper-heavy, manual industry was our challenge. The app had to be simple and seamless, bringing value to a broad audience, that still needed to leverage existing tools and processes."

Jess Moss - UX Lead, Mutual Mobile

Our team built integrated design and development processes around:​

Solely on the iPad platform, the growth opportunity for the existing application was limited.

Users previously misused the app as a management tool rather than a quotation tool.

Quote turnaround needed a boost, and excess back-and-forth with sales reps was holding up delivery.

To accept and integrate a digital experience, these users would demand immediate, tangible value and simplicity.

New, optimized features were in demand, and existing features required a full audit.

From baby boomer industry vets to millenial early adopters, we had to satisfy a spectrum of workflow styles and pain points.

There was no insight into success metrics or means to follow up on app-generated leads.

Transforming a project into an experience.

"Communication was open and active. The team explained how each tool and process would bring our ideas to reality. We built personal relationships with expertise, transparency, and mutual trust. It’s been fantastic."

Russ King - Director Contractor Solutions
Continual learning and consistent communication defines our ongoing partnership with Southwire. We approached the journey with specific standards for delivering our design, development, and QA trifecta:
  • Audit current barriers through immersive industry learning and onsite exploration.
  • Collaborate with Southwire to optimize features and enhancements.
  • Lead with realistic and honest expectations.
  • Provide resource flexibility and range in order to deliver on-budget, on-time.
  • Leverage automated QA to truncate regression timelines and better streamline iteration.
  • Integrate Google analytics tactics to display usage/utility and inform future development.
  • Connect registration to Salesforce to aid in lead follow-up.
Throwing things over the fence isn’t something we do. We’re all there, all the time, from discovery to launch–and beyond.

Doubling growth, inspiring conversation.

The first Configurator app opened Southwire up to the public. The new Configurator Plus provides Southwire the ability to get faster, more accurate quotes to a large, diverse audience.
509 Registered users within the first two weeks of launch.

*Compared to 232 users within the first year of the previous Configurator app for iPad.

Request for quote hit rate
Within the first two weeks, 509 users signed up for Configurator Plus–compared to the 232 users registered for the previous iPad-exclusive version within the first year. Initial numbers also show an 80% RFQ (request for quote) close ratio. Users are not only registering, they’re realizing the full benefit of a seamless, smooth quotation flow. For Configurator Plus users, positive feedback centers around:
  • Access to a downloadable template that prevents duplication of feeder schedules during input
  • Less time needed for training on the new version because the flow is intuitive and friendly
  • Great functionality on all applicable devices (desktop, laptop, tablet)
  • Contractor-friendly features
  • Simplicity and versatility to seamlessly satisfy a range of needs

New demand on the horizon.

The data, analytics, and real-time reporting implemented for Configurator Plus provide insights and learnings that can influence future iterations, feature optimization, and new offerings altogether.

According to Russ King of Southwire, “The user feedback–on all devices–has been phenomenal. We see real potential for more iterations and other uses in the future.”

A new generation of contractors, agents, engineers, and distributors demands new and improved experiences. The desire for more streamlined workflows and automation is tangible, and we couldn’t be more excited about building the future with our partners and friends at Southwire.

We tap into the unrealized greatness in every business – and progress is our deliverable.