Intuitive audio for apples newest innovation

Mutual Mobile adds Apple Watch to The Economist’s digital portfolio extending the audio edition of the publication’s award-winning content.

A New Way to Access Content

The Economist subscribers are progressive and interested in the impact of technology on the world, in global events, and tend to be on the go. The Economist’s mission is to make their content easily available and fully accessible on several different platforms. Expanding the reach to Apple Watch achieves this goal by keeping subscribers informed across a wider range of digital devices.

A Seamless Experience from iPhone to Apple Watch

The Economist Apple Watch app is designed to be a seamless companion for those already listening on their iPhone. Features available on both devices include a tracklist, user-configurable playlist, and a glance that shows upcoming tracks and progress through a section. Accessing the audio edition on Apple Watch is a great way for users to listen to The Economist while having control of the information through quick interactions, allowing them to focus on the content.


“The Economist app allows you to manage key functions of the audio edition playback. From your Apple Watch you can remotely control any downloaded audio content in the full tracklist or your playlist. If you have downloaded content from several editions you can switch between those editions. The app is also optimized for notifications."

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