TUYA Technologies

TUYA is a Texas-based tech company that’s making same-day delivery better for business. Their digital platform makes the entire experience simpler, faster, and more convenient by connecting users directly with a crowdsourced fleet of delivery professionals that they choose.

Focus Area
Mobile Web

Optimizing Same Day Delivery Through Technology

TUYA Technologies is a tech company founded in Houston that is transforming the business-to-business, same-day delivery industry.

Their digital marketplace platform connects businesses directly with a fleet of qualified delivery professionals for same-day delivery, stripping away inefficiencies and providing new opportunities for businesses and delivery professionals alike. Businesses place their delivery orders online or via their mobile app, and qualified delivery professionals accept the ones that fit well into their existing route and schedule.

Simplified & Coherent Code Architecture

TUYA Technologies was established not to consolidate the market, but to atomize it and allow Shippers to easily, reliably, compliantly, and cost-effectively secure direct access to the IDP community. In the atomizing sector, TUYA will eliminate the need for the traditional delivery company and replace the Delivery company function with forwarding technology-enabled solutions. To accomplish this, Mutual Mobile had the following deliverables:Introduce greater transparency to the process by addressing one of the greatest frustrations (“Where is my delivery?”)

  • Easily engage correctly qualified and certified IDPs in their geographic area on a per delivery basis
  • Develop ongoing relationships with highly qualified IDPs who consistently deliver quality service
  • Respond to rapid fluctuations in demand for their services by accessing a large pool of IDPs at all times. 
  • Fix the disjointed code architecture 
  • Organize a pre-existing backlog of thousands of stories/bugs/features (some stories with 100+ AC lines)
  • To greatly enhance the overall user experience 
  • Simplify the order process using a simple user interface or an API 
  • In short, Mutual Mobile helped TUYA put the shipper in control of delivery and communication.

Superior Technology to Eliminate Inefficiencies

The technology of the marketplace platform will consist of component parts. Each piece of technology has incorporated best-in-class methodologies to provide a quality experience for users – shippers and drivers. This involves Mobile Applications, Web-based tools, and where appropriate, desktop solutions all supported by a robust cloud-hosted backend.

  • Reviewed existing code, backlogs, CI/CD setup, and other project artifacts.
  • Identified architecture root causes of performance and stability problems and defined an incremental architecture roadmap.
  • Worked with product owners to identify the shortest path to an MVP launch
  • Designed, developed, and tested iOS and Android apps for Drivers and Shippers, a Web Portal for Shippers, and backend systems. 
  • Field-tested a launch of the MVP, then transitioned all roles to the in-house team as hires were made.

Diminished Costs Leading To Higher Benefits

The solution provided by Mutual Mobile allowed TUYA to substantially reduce operating costs thereby allowing TUYA to share the benefits through the logistics chain to appeal to Shippers (main motivation is to reduce cost) and IDPs (main motivation is to increase earnings). It enabled TUYA to achieve the following results:

  • Higher fees per job.
  • Increased job density (lower downtime).
  • Incremental earning opportunities (such as sales commissions).
  • Enjoy total flexibility to the delivery executives by working when they want and for how long they want.
  • Establish relationships with shippers who will provide them with ongoing work.
  • Manage their business with ease and cost-effectiveness (e.g. invoicing, collection, risk management, tax support, etc)