Under Armour Record & HealthBox

Connecting data and athletes has tremendous potential to improve performance. So, we came together with Under Armour to help create the world’s first connected fitness system made by athletes for athletes.

Focus Area

The Most Comprehensive Health & Fitness System

Leading the Pack

Under Armour is a leading performance apparel supplier with a mission to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. They have proven to be a digital leader, transforming their business and outpacing competitors in delivering innovation to the market.

All Things Health and Fitness​

At the time, Under Armour was one of only two companies in the S&P 500 to achieve a growth of 20% or more for 22 consecutive quarters. As a result, they were ready to play the next hand in their strategy. Per Chief Digital Officer, Robin Thurston, “We want to be known as the dashboard of all things health and fitness.”

Boldness Pays Off

Mutual Mobile worked directly with Under Armour’s connected fitness team in all aspects of the mobile project including engineering, design, program management, quality assurance, user testing and research, and wearables communications. The plan was to introduce a new paradigm for tracking health and fitness data, brought to life through wearables and a mobile application. The unveiling of the new products was planned for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, in January 2016.

The ability to integrate a cross-functional team of industry-leading talent across all disciplines directly with the Under Armour digital team, to hit big-event aggressive timelines, and prior experience working on many IoT projects with new-to-market hardware were key differentiators in selecting Mutual Mobile.

Jumping Point

Under Armour’s timeline was aggressive (that’s how they roll!), so Mutual Mobile supplied a 20+ member team to complement the existing UA digital team in the march towards the CES unveiling.

The goal was to create a revolutionary mobile user experience that brought all of the data from the wearables together in a single, insightful dashboard. The Mutual Mobile design team collaborated with the UA team to create an innovative dashboard that provides a 24/7 holistic view of athlete health based on four quadrants: sleep, fitness, activity, and nutrition.

UA HealthBox is a set of wearables (including a connected weight scale, heart rate monitor, and activity band) that power the UA Record Application in addition to 50+ other devices by other manufacturers. Other wearables in the UA product catalog include a line of connected shoes equipped with a “jump test” technology that allows athletes to measure fatigue levels, coaching athletes to “go hard / even / easy,” and JBL powered headphones that include wireless heart rate tracking.

The technical challenges included working with multiple hardware vendors through all phases of hardware development, building both iOS and Android integrations simultaneously while also establishing core data architecture and flow.

In addition, quality needed to be at the highest levels in the industry, in line with the groundwork that mapmyfitness has created over the years and supportive of UA’s solid brand reputation.

Amongst the many technical innovations created, Mutual Mobile developed a proprietary Bluetooth framework on top of Core Bluetooth that provided enhanced behaviors related to device discovery, connection, session continuity, and firmware updates over the air.

Class Leading Out-of-the-Box-Experience

UA garnered eight awards at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2016.

Our team’s constant collaboration, user testing, and feedback throughout the hardware, firmware, and application development process management delivered an incredible experience that enabled athletes to sync easily, configure devices, and start collecting data.