Better mobile banking

Mutual Mobile made sure Union Bank stood out – through an exceptional user experience delivered consistently across a growing platform and feature set.

Unique Set of Capabilities

Union Bank offers everything customers expect from mobile banking, including everyday transactions like deposits, transfers and bill payments. More important, however, it also includes less common perks, such as being able to look up account transactions by key word, or to request a callback from bank staff to answer questions or address concerns.

Scaleable Design

Mutual Mobile created the Union Bank application with future scalability in mind. The design is easily transferable to other devices, and its elements can be shared among different products over time. This guarantees a consistent user interface among future iterations, ensuring that customers continue to enjoy a familiar and satisfying experience.


"This application makes mobile banking easy and accessible to our customers while creating a sense of community with an engaging and effective design."

Ramon Kurkchubasche
Senior Vice President, Digital Channels Union Bank

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