Fundamentals of Finance Tailormade for Kids

Money Matters for Kids Mutual Mobile collaborates with Union Bank in a unique effort to teach the fundamentals of finance to kids as young as eight.

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Earning. Spending. Saving.

The Yuby app helps kids understand the basics of finance with three key features:

  • Chore List shows ways to earn money (“cleaning my room,” “feeding the dog”).
  • Activity Log provides a record of money earned and spent.
  • Wish List tracks savings, comparing how much they have with how much they need to buy an item.

Designed for Early Learning​

Unlike apps that target parents or young adults, Yuby focuses on children. Based on countless hours of research and observation about early learning behaviors, Yuby engages them directly with activities that use animations and creative transitions to make learning fun.



"We’ve found the sooner the better when it comes to teaching the financial cycle--how to earn money, spend responsibly, save consistently and even give back through donating. These are all important elements to building strong communities - and we are excited to partner with like-minded Mutual Mobile to bring the Yuby digital experience to life with global reach."

Pierre Habis - Senior Executive Vice President, Community Banking Union Bank


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